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 UFC 142 Predictions

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PostUFC 142 Predictions

UFC 142 Predictions Ufc-142-aldo-mendez-poster-olieng

Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes

In possibly his last fight at Featherweight before he has effectively cleared the division out Jose Aldo will defend his championship against Chad Mendes. While often criticized for his less than exciting style Chad Mendes has been on an absolute tear since entering the sport in August of 2008. A perfect 11-0 record for Mendes and a strong wrestling base combined with undeniable toughness has him looking, at least on paper, like a nightmare for anyone in the division. Anyone except Jose Aldo that is. Aldo is pretty much the exact opposite style wise. He's explosive, he's exciting, and he has a strike-first style that fans love to watch. In his last two fights Aldo looked human for the first time in a very long time. Can Mendes endure the kind of damage Mark Hominick did to take advantage of a fifth-round-tired Aldo? Can he build on the blueprint set by Kenny Florian in the first two rounds and do what Florian couldn't?

As far as the fight goes striking is a clear advantage for Aldo both in power and technique. There is no reason for Mendes to even think about testing his standup against Aldo's. Grappling is a clear advantage for Mendes, although it is worth noting that Aldo has shown excellent takedown defense through both a sprawl and his use of footwork, distance, and leg kicks to make performing the shot that much more difficult. I fear Chad Mendes, while deserving of a title shot, is the product of UFC hype which created the illusion that Mendes has a legitimate shot at beating Aldo. While it's clear he has a path to victory as he does in all his fights, I'm having a hard time visualizing Chad being able to grind Aldo down for three out of five rounds all the while avoiding those brutal leg kicks and other strikes in the process. Unfortunately for Chad I don't see him faring much better than Faber, Brown, or Gamburyan.

Prediction: Jose Aldo by (T)KO

Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson finally makes the move the middleweight after years of fans clamoring for it since he routinely balloons up to sometimes 220lbs between fights and the size advantage is felt to be such a significant part of his success at welterweight thusfar. However his first test in a new division is about as tough as it gets. "Rumble" will square off with Vitor "the Phenom" Belfort. The move up should be less difficult in terms of weight cutting, as well as one that adds conditioning to Johnson, which should aid his primary style in wrestling. Unfortunately for him Vitor Belfort has had some takedown defense attributed to his name for quite a while now. It's fair to say Vitor will be the best striker Johnson has ever faced, which is going to be a test in and of itself when Josh Koscheck outstruck Johnson when they clashed in late 2009. Striking is without a doubt an advantage for Belfort both in overall technique and power. Wrestling is an advantage for Johnson, but overall grappling I would favor Belfort who has had success at the international level in the ADCC. I just don't think Johnson has the wrestling chops to put Vitor down and hold him down for any length of time. Even Tito in his prime had trouble holding Vitor down, and the only wrestlers to really pull it off were Randy Couture and Dan Henderson. Howvever if Johnson can do it early and often he has a solid chance to win this fight. We have seen Vitor give up mentally when things aren't going his way. If Vitor loses the first round clearly he may start to shut down upstairs and give the fight away. I personally see Vitor stuffing the early takedown attempts and blitzing Anthony with a flurry that puts Johnson down and out for the night.

Prediction: Vitor Belfort by (T)KO

Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

It's always interesting to see a pair of fighters who's primary styles vary like these two. Barboza loves to get the knockout while Etim loves the submission. But just because Etim likes the submission I don't think that will stop him from coming out and wanting to at least try his hand at standing with the brazilian. Unfortunately that may very well be Etims undoing as it doesn't take too many vicious kicks from Barboza to start slowing someone down. I am hesitant to say Barboza will win easily since he just won a very close decision over Ross Pearson who was able to get inside on him more than he rightfully should have, but I just don't think Etim avoids the power striking Edson brings to the table. It's obvious the striking in all it's facets is a clear advantage for Edson Barboza, while the ground game is clearly Terry Etims domain here. However getting things to the ground is going to be Etims challenge here. The last time someone came into a fight with Barboza looking to take things down they ended up being TKO'd by leg kicks. I see this fight playing out similarly to that, but Etim will be slightly more comfortable with the idea of striking to start. Eventually I think Barboza finds his button and puts him down whether with punches or with leg kicks.

Prediction: Edson Barboza by (T)KO

Rousimar Palhares vs Mike Massenzio

Quite possibly one of the biggest mismatches of the night finds Mike Massenzio against Rousimar Palhares. I'll make no bones about it, I think Massenzio leaves the cage with a limp, assuming he walks out on his own at all. Palhares is all wrong for Massenzio. While not the most technically sound striker Rousimar is a silverback. Everything he throws, everything he does is done with a strength that is awe inspiring. Massenzio is a wrestler but his strength plays right into Palhares' hands. It wasn't so long ago we saw Massenzio being controlled by Krystof Soszynski. I realize he took that fight on a few days notice and fought above his weight class against an especially large light heavyweight, but the fact remains he was outmatched by a physically stronger man, even one without an extensive grappling background such as Rousimar's. Like I said before everything about Rousimar is wrong for Massenzio. Striking I give a slight edge in technical ability and a clear edge in power both to Palhares. Wrestling may technically be an area Massenzio might be the superior fighter but Rousimar has plenty of experience manhandling people with a strong clinch and vicious submissions. Massenzio's godsend would be either a flash knockout, or getting knocked out, since there's less rehab involved. Massenzio better watch his legs, or Palhares might rip one of them off.

Prediction: Rousimar Palhares by Submission
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UFC 142 Predictions :: Comments

Re: UFC 142 Predictions
Post Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:21 pm by GDPofDRC
Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes

So Mendes finally gets his well earned shot at the belt. Fact is I thought he should of got it before Hominick or Florian after he beat Vasquez, but that is not how the show runs. The real question is gonna be, does Mendes have the ability to take and keep down Aldo, if the answer is yes, then he doesn't just win, but has a chance. When it comes to offense, I think there is almost no way Mendes can matchup with Aldo, even from the top. This is gonna be a mis-match. If Aldo is going down he is getting right back up. Mendes is gonna be hit, and hit, and hit, and is gonna lose, though I think he will survive to see a 44-50 defeat.

Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson

I'm surprised the AJ hype train is not in full brocktober mode for this fight, I guess since it's against Vitor the hype is tempered, but given the fascination some have had for such a big WW moving on up and the recent paprazi releases, I'm surprised. I think this is just gonna be a good ol fashioned violence fight. A good ol 50 second KO. Can it go either way sure, but I'm picking Vitor, why? Jiu Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu.

Rousimar Palhares vs Mike Massenzio

lulz, and a serious injury, and a wtf the fuck was Paul thinking moment.

Edson Barboza vs Terry Etim

Hard to belive this is Etim's 10th fight in the org in the past 5 years. This is a stiff test for Barbosa in just his tenth fight, but hometown boy can pull it off. Chances are, he does, it'll take some surviving on the mat but Barboza can keep it up long enough to entertain. 29-28.

Sam Stout vs Thiago Tavares

This fight is real tough to pick actually and I think these two are about as evenly matched as it gets for this point in their respective careers. Stout has one thins working against him here though, his nick name is the Hands of Stone and he ain't no Mano de Piedra. Tavares Spilt Decision.

Notice a trend... Brazil will nearly sweep again. But I foresee a lot less ko's then last time.
Re: UFC 142 Predictions
Post Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:04 am by OU
Team Alpha Male ain't no bitch. Chad will be a game opponent. Aldo just has too many weapons and is just on another level. I'm sure there will be a round where Chad actually does some damage with some GnP. But the majority of the fight will be Aldo picking him apart and doing some damage on the feet. I think Chad makes it all the way to the end, I think he takes 1 round and possible 2. But he will also be dominated in atleast 1 round. I'll say the cards read something like 49-45. Chad will have a decent amount of damage on his face after the fight.

I think Rumble comes out strong, keeps it competitive early. But eventually I think Vitor finds an opening and blast Rumble back to the WW division. Rumble will look to use his wrestling to survive but I don't think he is able to get Vitor down when it counts. I think Vitor finds his groove in the 2nd round and puts this one away. Vitor by TKO in round 2.

Now it's time for the FOTN, Sam vs Thiago. This will be a standup battle. I think Thiago comes out fired up early fighting in his home country. I think Sam will be able to survive and eventually land those punches that turn the fight around. I think Thiago takes the 1st round, Sam takes the 2nd before landing the finisher in the 3rd. Sam by TKO in round 3.
Re: UFC 142 Predictions
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UFC 142 Predictions

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