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 UFC 135 Predictions

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PostUFC 135 Predictions

UFC 135 Predictions Ufc_135_poster_art_1_by_nogueirian-d3j5qe5

Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson

In his first defense of the Light Heavyweight title Jon Jones will square off against perennial top ranked light heavyweight Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. What Jones lacks in experience he makes up for with sheer freak athleticism and talent. Jackson has pretty much seen it all. He's fought Sakuraba, Wanderlei Silva, Shogun Rua, Ninja Rua, Igor Vovchanchin, Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, and Rashad Evans. He found varied success against that lot but this experience is invaluable against someone like Jones. At thirty three years old Jackson will have to hope his veteran knowledge can help him bridge the gap against an even more explosive fighter in Jones. This fight could very well begin the "Jones" era in the light heavyweight division. If he finishes Jackson, a feat that has proven especially difficult over the years, he may not have any obstacles in his way aside from perhaps Rashad Evans.

As far as it goes with regard to skillsets I see things as follows. Striking is split here. Rampage has the heavier hands and better power but Jones has a much wider aray of strikes, including some very unorthodox techniques given his especially long reach. Wrestling is easily Jones' advantage however it should be noted that Quinton has historically above average takedown defense. However the same could have been said for Ryan Bader. An edge in overall grappling goes to Jones given his willingness to attempt submissions. Though Rampage has been known to try to slam his way out of submissions. I see this fight more or less taking place wherever Jones wants it. I just don't think Rampage can stop the takedown for very long and Jones isn't some fish out of water standing either. It isn't out of the realm of possibility that Rampage lands the punch he needs to end this fight, he's made a career out of exploding for sudden finishes. However the more likely scenario see's Jones grounding Jackson and working his stifling top game with that brutal ground and pound for a mid fight stoppage.

Prediction: Jon Jones by (T)KO

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck

Replacing the injured Diego Sanchez against the legendary Matt Hughes is Josh Koscheck who makes his return after getting dismantled by GSP. Hughes, meanwhile, has been on a lengthy layoff after being knocked out by BJ Penn in just twenty one seconds last November. In the last year and a half it would seem that Matt has worked extensively on his standup but I personally think it has more to do with him having fought guys who he owned a striking advantage over, something that is a rarity for Hughes throughout his career. He won't have the edge in striking this time around. In fact style wise Koscheck is perhaps the worst fight for Hughes outside of Penn or GSP again. Even St Pierre had trouble getting Koscheck down, I don't know if Hughes will have any success there given his age and how some of his speed and explosiveness has left him. All things considered Matt is still the better overall grappler and if he does somehow find a way on top there's nothing to suggest he can't submit Josh if he can hold him down long enough. However even that scenario seems unlikely right now. Unfortunately for Hughes this could be the fight that sends him into retirement. I honestly see this fight going similarly to Koschecks fight with Trigg, except perhaps a bit prolongued because Matt will shoot sooner if he's in trouble.

Prediction: Josh Koscheck by (T)KO

Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi

In what could be his last fight in the UFC Takanori Gomi will face the brother of the only man to ever beat Gomi by Gogoplata in Nate Diaz. Diaz is making a return to lightweight for this bout following his one sided loss to the up and coming Rory McDonald. Gomi meanwhile has dropped two of his last three to Kenny Florian and Clay Guida. However between them Gomi lays claim to the devastating knockout of Tyson Griffin. Standing this fight is split between Gomi having a power striking advantage while Diaz throws considerably more volume and applies much more pressure. On the ground Diaz has a distinct advantage, even from his back. I can see this fight playing out with Diaz dictating the pace while Gomi looks to sit outside and snipe looking for something bigger to develop. At some point I have to think Diaz will find a way to take the Fireball Kid down. From there Diaz will either submit Gomi or ride out a decision.

Prediction: Nate Diaz by Submission

Tim Boetsch vs. Nick Ring

Fresh off the demolition of Kendall Grove Tim "the barbarian" Boetsch will be fighting at Middleweight for the second time in the UFC against Nick "the promise" Ring who is also fresh off a win against James Head. This could be interesting in the regard that we will be able to tell if the Fukuda fight was just an off night for Ring or if his wrestling is indeed overrated. If anyone can put your wrestling to the test at this division it's Boetsch. Tim is a huge middleweight and has a ton of power in everything he does. Ring is good in the scramble as well as versed in submissions, especially chokes. However Boetsch's only submission loss was to Phil Davis, who more or less outmuscled the barbarian. Striking isn't either man's favorite thing to do but I give Boetsch an edge in power and slightly in technique. I just don't see Ring being able to muscle Boetsch into a position to pull off the submission, and I don't think he is going to be able to take Tim down either. I may be jumping the gun but I don't think the Fukuda fight was a fluke. I think Ring can be taken down and controlled on the ground again, I also think thats what happens here.

Prediction: Tim Boetsch by Decision

Ricardo Romero vs. James Te Huna

While not the biggest name fight on the card this one could end in spectacular fashion one way or another. All of James Te Huna's losses with exception of one are by submission and Ricardo Romero happens to be a jiu jitsu fighter with a love for submissions. On the flip side Romero has very limited striking ability. What Te Huna lacks in technique he could make up for in sheer power and tenacity. James would prefer to blitz his opponent, wear them down with ground and pound, and work for the finish from top position. Romero's guard isn't the strongest part of his ground game but he does have very effective submissions. I can see this one going one of two ways really. Either Te Huna can bumrush Romero and finish him early either standing or with strikes on the ground; or Romero is going to weather the early storm and submit Te Huna on the ground. Romero doesn't exactly have an endless gas tank either, I just don't like how quickly Te Huna loses steam especially when he's setting the pace of a fight. I personally tend not to pick the fighter with less cardio and so I'm going with Romero here.

Prediction: Ricardo Romero by Submission
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UFC 135 Predictions :: Comments

Re: UFC 135 Predictions
Post Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:05 pm by GDPofDRC
Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson

Thinking about this fight makes me angry because I think Bones will win it. Jones is atop of my 'I hope that dude gets beat down' list and now another one of my favorite fighters has the chance to do so. I'm hoping, I'm pulling, I'm praying to science Jones slips and eats the big hook, but... I'm predicting he doesn't, I'm predicting he picks Rampage apart form a distance and eggs Rampage into being the one who slips, who fights outside of his comfort zone. Bones is gonna hurt Page in the 2nd and make him turtle, exposing a neck or limb.

Prediction: Jon Jones by Sub

Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck

I don't dislike Kos as much as I should, I also don't like Hughes as much as I should, what does that mean, absolutely nothing. This is good fight though, even with Hughes being in the autumn of his career, he cannot be counted out. Kos should have all of the advantages slightly tools-wise, but in the wily intangible department, Hughes probably has it. hat is gonna win this for Josh is speed on the feet and explosiveness on the mat. Their striking talent might not be far off but the speed separates their ability to execute. While I don't think Kos can hold down Hughes all fight, I do think he can more effectively dictate what action occurs on the mat.

Prediction: Josh Koscheck by UD

Nate Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi

Gomi and Nick had a pretty epic fight a few years back that saw Gomi rock and drop Nick hard followed by a damn wtf hand raising moment. It bit him in the ass hard and he was defeated. Well, it is hard to say how much better Gomi at 29 is compared to Gomi at 33 today, but I do think Nate Diaz today is much worse than Nick Diaz then and really a one trick overrated MMA fighter. I see Diaz getting KO'd hard early in this as he looks for a feeble takedown and fails.

Prediction: Gomi KO

Ben Rothwell vs Mark Hunt

I love it. Mark is gonna get tossed down and pattered on. But! But, the show will be complete and a success if he lands another KO and topples Big Ben.

Prediction: Mark Hunt KO

Tim Boetsch vs. Nick Ring

I see this as another workman like beat down of a medium moist opponent for Tim "the Motor" Boat-sch.

Prediction: Tim Boetsch by TKO

Ricardo Romero vs. James Te Huna

Don't you hate it when the UFC thinks they have a huge selling main event so they literally say screw the rest of the card and James Te Huna vs Ricardo Romero ends up being something you pay money for?

Prediction: Tuna UD

UFC 135 Predictions

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