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 Iraq on Verge of Collapse; Baghdad Surrounded

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Iraq on Verge of Collapse; Baghdad Surrounded Empty
PostSubject: Iraq on Verge of Collapse; Baghdad Surrounded   Iraq on Verge of Collapse; Baghdad Surrounded EmptyThu Jun 12, 2014 12:49 pm

In January the ISIS seized the town of Fallujah, which is directly West of Baghdad. They have also contested the control of Ramadi since January. 2 days ago ISIS forces captured the 2nd largest city in Iraq, the city of Mosul. The city was protected by 20 battalions of the Iraq National Army (we spent about 200-400 billion on them). They basically stripped off their uniforms and ran when the 1,300 man strong ISIS rolled into Mosul. 500,000 people have fled Mosul, either to Kurdistan or Baghdad. ISIS now controls a portion of the countries water supply as the countries largest water reservoir was in Mosul.
In a Blitzkreig ISIS has continued their march on Baghdad from the north. Yesterday they seized Baiji, which has the countries largest oil reserve, and then continued on to Tikrit (Saddam Husseins former hometown.
They have continued south and seized Samarra, which is where a majority of the countries electricity come from (including Baghdad). Samarra is less than an hours drive from Baghdad.
The ISIS now has armies to the direct north of Baghdad and direct west of Baghdad. This may be over within a week as Baghdad is quickly becoming the Alamo for many Iraqis.
Not missing a chance to seize on the opportunity, Kurdistan forces (which is basically their own country within Iraq) seized Kirkuk today, which has most of Iraqs oil wells and has always been the crown prize for the Kurds. The Iraqi government is begging he Kurdish Peshmerga forces to help them fight off the ISIS. They are also begging the USA to come in and bomb the ISIS. Problem is we won't give them drones or planes (we don't trust them they will give them to Iran) and our country won't support sending in any troops.
I hope Afghanistans government is watching this closely. Nori al Maliki didn't even show to honor our armed forces when we left in Iraq. He had effectively been told to kick us out by Iran, and he did. Now he is begging us to come back.

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Iraq on Verge of Collapse; Baghdad Surrounded
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