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 Bush Can't Answer Question About Blackwater

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Bush Can't Answer Question About Blackwater Empty
PostSubject: Bush Can't Answer Question About Blackwater   Bush Can't Answer Question About Blackwater EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 3:43 pm

During the first gulf war we mobilized 500,000 troops and put together the largest
Military coalition that the world has ever seen.
However Rumsfeld and Bush felt that this was not necessary as Rumsfeld wanted to build
A smaller lighter military. Rumsfeld said we could take Iraq with 80,000 troops
General Shinseiki recommended several hundred thousand troops to invade Iraq and maintain the peace.
Shinseiki was forced into early retirement and Rumsfeld an tommy franks ended up settling on a rolling force of 130,000
Rolling force means that the initial incursion into Iraq was a smaller force leading the way.
We now know that this force was no where near large enough to maintain safety for the Iraqi population.
Because of this we hired over 100,000 security contractors to work on Iraq I.e. Blackwater.
These contractors were not held under Iraqi law nor American military law.
Typical Blackwater protocol was to shoot any Iraqi car approaching their vehicle.
They made thousands of enemies.
In 2004, 4 Blackwater security contractors were murdered in Fallujah which led to the two battles of Fallujah
In 2006 bush admitted his Iraq strategy was a failure, he fired Runsfeld , hired Patreaus (the only commander to have some form
Of success in Iraq) and initiated Patreaus surge counter insurgency plan.
When bush was asked how we could have 100,000 people in Iraq operating under no law code this is how he responded

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Bush Can't Answer Question About Blackwater
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