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 Thought this was an interesting read

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Thought this was an interesting read Empty
PostSubject: Thought this was an interesting read   Thought this was an interesting read EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 11:54 pm

Thought this was an interesting read.  I relate personally to some old mma fanboy pissing contests I've dove into, gonna have to think of this guy next time Sonnen says some dumb shit about Wanderlei.

Jesse Mathewson - Cochise County Libertarian Examiner wrote:
A little over a year ago I gave up network and cable television, it disappeared without pomp or ceremony from our house. My children never once complained, after all we still have netflix, the difference is that now they spend more time reading, creating and playing.

My wife and I occasionally miss shows that others talk about, Dancing with the Stars and more. However, we quickly realize that we are better for it. Not only are we saving close to $100 a month in expenses we are also spending more time gardening, writing, researching, reading and simply together.

Before I dumped network and cable television I would enjoy the occasional political debate, I liked to tune into to C-Span and occasionally various pundits spewing whatever brand of “truth” they wanted you to believe. Conspiracy theories were enjoyable, and I would regularly waste several hours a week exploring various possible explanations for events that I did not understand. From 9/11 through Kennedy I amassed large amounts of information in an attempt to show my views regarding the popular “conspiracies” to be correct. I would waste additional hours arguing the validity of my points of view versus yours.

And than I dumped network/cable television, no magic involved just a simple telephone call and no more television. Within the next couple of months I realized quickly just how much extra time I now had. At first I did even more research, I breathed it, dreamed it and continued it endlessly. This stopped when I realized I was simply substituting one addiction for another, the typical AA response to addictive behavior. My cure had become my vice, and I knew I had to stop. So I did, and as the days rolled into weeks and into months I began to realize that the time I had wasted on numerous forums, in endless philosophical discussions and pointless arguments was irreplaceable.

So I removed myself from various forums, I pursued the solution, and researched the fixes. Today I still enjoy the occasional spirited debate with others, I also enjoy sarcastic jibes. However, I quickly tire of the endless desire of many to debate philosophical approaches without solutions. I quickly tire of the conspiracy theorists and their pointless babbling. I do not really care if chem-trails are killing me, or oil is running dry and I especially do not see global warming as an issue that matters. I watch as liberals and conservatives argue about who has the best approach, and laugh silently to myself as they compare death tolls and prison numbers. I listen as one side claims morality as a standard while embracing murder for freedom, and watch as the other side claims the moral high ground while doing the same.

I realize that those who have an addiction rarely see this as a problem. They deny reality, facts and continue to embrace their truth. Addicts are all alike, they desire the emotional or physical rush that accompanies their chosen drug of choice whether it be alcohol or political argumentation. They are unable to say no because they do not want to say no, and until they make the personal choice to say no they will remain addicted to their chosen drug or drugs. Addicts use excuses constantly to maintain the facade of need to themselves. Alcoholics claim pain, depression, pressure and more while the more prevalent political and state addicts claim it is necessary for order, to prevent murder or to prevent mass chaos.

The only way an addict can find help is to admit they have a problem and than to be absolutely, completely, brutally honest with themselves and others. So here is a simple phrase to help the political/statist addict, call it the political prisoners AA prayer if you wish.

“I ____________ have a problem, my understanding of politics and the state are based in false notions of state enforced security, state enforced freedom and state based social programs whether they be social security, free health care or military and police needs. While I realize that the facts show my beliefs to be completely without merit I still believed my myths because I got the emotional fulfillment I desired. I understand that my government has murdered more people than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and PolPot combined. I understand that regardless how many cops patrol the streets they cannot stop a criminal intent on harming me directly. I understand that regardless how much I steal from my neighbors my life will never get better until I work for myself. I understand that prisons hold far more non-violent drug related offenders than violent offenders. I understand that bad people those who would murder and steal with violence from me make up less than 5% of the entire population. From here on out I will attempt to look for a true cure versus a band-aid when tempted with endless, pointless philosophical debates. I swear to myself to be a better person and to apply the Non Aggression Principle in my life.”

Obviously, many people will read this and discard it out of hand, after all that is what addicts do. However, some will see the benefit in utilizing this approach, the increased time with family, gardening potential and the amazing freedom knowledge of the facts gives you. The best part is, this is all accomplished in one easy step. Dump the state.

Free the mind and the body will follow...

captain organic wrote:
tolivendiewithLA wrote:
Are u fucking serious with this post bro? ur a newbie to MMA compared to me, I watch all fights, but don't get a hard on unless guys are in the top 30.

Uh, Are u fucking serious with this post bro?

Thought this was an interesting read LanceWalkingLWAR WAR WARThought this was an interesting read BillWalkingR
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Thought this was an interesting read
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