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 Anyone Read Game Change???

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Anyone Read Game Change??? Empty
PostSubject: Anyone Read Game Change???   Anyone Read Game Change??? EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 5:20 pm

It is a great book, looks at the 2008 election race from all angels he HBO movie will just be focusing on the McCain-Palin portion of the book (which doesn't come to the 3rd act in the book and is the ending of the book).

THe book has some pretty interesting insight some of which was

Everyone in Jon Edwards campaign knew he was cheating on his wife (who was sick with cancer at the time) before she found out. Also, the book paints Elizabeth Edwards as a pretty big bitch, looked down on Jon as her intellectual inferior and flaunted it. Before his scandal broke, Edwards went to Hillary and Obama and said he would endorse them if he was made their VP. All before his affair scandal broke, this guy was literally ok with sinking the parties nomination as long as he was on the ticket.

Hillary CLinton set up a war room within a war room. The purpose of this war room, to go through and categorically be able to build up a defense against any new affair allegations that might come out against Bill CLinton. Without naming names, they show that Bill was in fact having an affair in 2006 and Hillary would not be able to disprove or deny it. Hillarys campaign waited for an attack to come that never did.

Obama comes across as kind of arrogant but honestly as smart, while Hillary ran a huge campaign that was not closely linked, Obama ran a close linked grass roots campaign, same thing happened vs McCain (who's campaign became a fucking mess)

but the real interesting part is Palin obviously. Basically they set McCain down and said you are not going to beat Obama with an old white guy as your running mate (Lieberman, Bloomberg, Pawlenty or Romney) and that a woman was the way to go. They pluck Sarah Palin out of almost thin air, coach her up on her convention speech and think Holy shit we have stolen the woman Clinton vote from Obama and then it happened.

WHile vetting Palin they gave her a crash course on history to which some of these comical moments took place:

When informed that Germany fought with Japan and Italy in WOrld War 2 Palin clearly did not know any of this and was taking vigorous notes. When she learned that Japan and Germany worked together she replied "flipping neat." It was becoming clear to everyone in the room that she might be a fucking moron.

THen when asking her what she would do if the UK pulled their troops out of Iraq, how would she respond: Palin stated that she would open a dialogue with the Queen of England. They then had to explain to her that she would actually be needing to open a dialogue with the PRIME MINISTER OF ENGLAND

and last but certainly not least. Her crash course in history started with the Civil War and ended with 9-11. Guess who good ol hockey mom thought was responsible for 9-11?? Saddam Hussein and Iraq of course.

God it is a fucking joke that McCain's campaign slogan was "Country First" when he flat out knew he had a fucking moron as his VP, but hey thats ok if it got him elected.

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Anyone Read Game Change???
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