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 The Players in the Syrian War

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The Players in the Syrian War Empty
PostSubject: The Players in the Syrian War   The Players in the Syrian War EmptySun Feb 09, 2014 1:22 am

I want to address the notion that we are arming al qaeda in Syria because that simply is not true.
There are many players in Syria, al qaeda even had two groups in Syria, but the US was not arming al qaeda at all.
Here are the main players in Syria, and where they get their funding.

Syrian Army - mainly made up of Assad's Alawhite clan, Christian and secularist minority. Receiving direct arms and soldiers from Iran, Russia, China and Iraq.

Free Syrian Army - mainly Sunni youth who initially took up against Assad mixed with defecting Syrian Army soldiers. Get funding from US backed NTC. Saudi Arabia and a host of NATO/UN countries( non lethal aide). Leader has been forced into Turkey by ISIS. Hold territory on south Syria and Homs , Aleppo, etc. 25,000. Leadership being attacked by al nisra, ISIS and Assad.

Al Nusrah Front - Syrians that were in Al Qaeda in Iraq, led by Goulani. Effective fighting force 10-15,000 strong. The al qaeda in Syria branch.
Hold territory in south Syria and various other places. Have fought alongside FSA before but have also executed FSA leaders. Also attacked in Lebanon. Mainly syrian Sunni iamost jihadis mixed with foreignors. Now fighting the ISIS because of attacks by ISIS

ISIS - led by Abu Bakr Baghdadi, formerly al qaeda in Iraq. Attempted to bring al nusra back into his fold and create Islamic State in Iraq and Sham/Levant. The dudes fucking nuts, wants to create an Islamic caliphate stretching from Baghdad to Beirut, Lebanon. Extremist to the core. Killing everybody else on this list along with Syrian civilians, Iraqis and Lebanese. Rely on almost all foreign fighters. The only anti assad force to hold a province , the northern province of Roqqa. 5-10,000 fighters in Syria. Allegedly this is the remnants of Zarqawi's AQI. These guys are hard line sunni Iraqis

Islamic Front - Islamic militants that are less hard line than al nusra and ISIS. Have recently teamed with al nusra against isis . completely backed and financed by Saudi Arabia. 10-20,000 fighters.

Hezbollah - the Iranian proxie is fighting out of Lebanon and helping Assad in important battles, like Qusayir. Fighting because they are Shiite, because Lebanon and Iran have been backing assad, al qaeda has been bombing Lebanon. 5-8,000 fighters in Syria.

Abdullah Azzam Brigades - a al qaeda proxie but not official group. Carry out suicide bombings in Lebanon and Syria. 1-2,000 fighters .

These are the players in Syria along with who is backing them.

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The Players in the Syrian War
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