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 Al Qaeda Making Huge Gains in West Iraq

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Al Qaeda Making Huge Gains in West Iraq Empty
PostSubject: Al Qaeda Making Huge Gains in West Iraq   Al Qaeda Making Huge Gains in West Iraq EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 4:57 pm

Although the bush administration continuously claimed there was direct links to saddam Hussein and al Qaeda, there wasn't.
In fact Abu Musab Al Zarqawi the man would evoke the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq was hiding from saddam in the northern Kurdish region.
Al Qaeda in Iraq would not be formed until 2004 after we invaded.
They claimed they were there to expel the American occupies ad protect Sunni Muslims.
Zarqawi bombed the UN headquarters, started the practice of online beheadings an rang in the sectarian violence by targeting Shiites.
We killed zarqawi in 2006 but the seeds were planted. The onlthing that made our
Surge effective was that 200,000 Sunnis rejected al Qaeda in the "Sunni awakening " and joined out forces .

The surge was 30,000 troops. The Sunni awakening started 3 months before the surge and led to 200,000 joining the Sons of Iraq.
Because of this we were able to leave Iraq without it being an outright defeat.
We could not reach a status of forces agreement with Maliki, he wanted out troops to be subject to Iraq law.

Well now it appears that Maliki regrets that. The day after our forces left Maliki issued an arrest warrant for his Sunni ice president.
Secretion conflict rose quickly again with the Shiite militias battling the al Qaeda remnants. 6,000 people have died in terrorist attacks this year in iraq
Sadly al Qaeda has returned in a massive way. As the Sunni monority ahead effectively had it wot the Shiite gpverbmebt
This past month 38 bombings have occurred in Iraq.
Recently president Maliki asked he US for F-16 to be deleted immediately instead of next year.
He also asked that american drones begin surveying west Iraq .

My how things have changed, we went into Iraq o supposedly get al Qaeda, pnly to see AQI created
Now try actuall are on the verge of makin Iraq a terror state

3 trillion well spent? I think not

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Al Qaeda Making Huge Gains in West Iraq
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