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 Mullah Nazir, Leader of South Waziristan Killed

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Mullah Nazir, Leader of South Waziristan Killed Empty
PostSubject: Mullah Nazir, Leader of South Waziristan Killed   Mullah Nazir, Leader of South Waziristan Killed EmptySat Jan 05, 2013 6:13 pm

Big deal, this guy was one of the key facilitators of the Taliban-Haqqani network alliance that was brokered several years ago. Also his 2nd Lietenant was killed in the strike so one of his lower level followers has been named commander of the region.
South Waziristan is one of the biggest hubs of Taliban/AQ/Haqqani Network safe havens. Of the 800+ drone strikes carried out in Pakistan, 300+ have beenin South Waziristan.

Barring that Zawahiri might be somewhere in South Waziristan, this is the biggest kill to make in the area.
Illyas Kashmiri was also killed in S. W. while under Nazirs protection.


In case your interested, North and SOuth Waziristan which were reffered to as the FATA region for most of Bushs years are the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. After we pulled our resources from Afghanistan in 2002 and 2003, the Pakistan military was left to deal with the Taliban, they were thouroughly trounced and in 2004 signed the Waziristan Accords allowing the Taliban safe haven in South Waziristan as long as they did not attack Pakistani interests. George Bush allowed this and allowed the 2006 North Waziristan Accord. President Pervez Musharraf even visited the White House the next day and the 2 discussed the Accords . SInce then Waziristan has become the entry point for Taliban and Al Qaeda mmilitants.

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Mullah Nazir, Leader of South Waziristan Killed
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