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 Waziristan Accords and Why we Drone Waziristan

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Waziristan Accords and Why we Drone Waziristan  Empty
PostSubject: Waziristan Accords and Why we Drone Waziristan    Waziristan Accords and Why we Drone Waziristan  EmptyFri Nov 01, 2013 5:18 pm

In December of 2001 we had Osama bin laden surrounded at Torra borra. He and various al Qaeda and Taliban members slipped into Pakistan.
We did essentially nothing to follow them into Pakistan. That task fell to the Pakistan military.
We were gearing up for Iraq. However the Pakistani military which is trained for a conventional war with India, got their asses repeatedly kicked by al Qaeda and Taliban in the swat valley.
When it became clear there were thousands of al Qaeda in the seat valley (yes bin laden was there) we launched Operation Anaconda in 2002 which Was touted as a succes but in reality was a failure. Failing to clear the al Qaeda and Taliban from the swat and tribal regions.
From then on the Taliban was pakistans problem we had Baathist in Iraq to kill.
To give you an idea of how poorly pakistans military faired vs the Taliban, in one battle in SWat, Pakistan military tool 400 casualties.
In 2004 Muharraf signed the south Waziristan Accord with the Taliban giving them free reign in south Waziristan. In 2006 with America completely bogged down in Iraq, te 2006 north Waziristan accords were signed giving free reign to Taliban an al Qaeda in north and south Waziristan.
Bush responded by doing ...... Nothing. No drone strikes nothing .finally by 2008 he started to realize what was going on IMO.
Bush did 87 drone strikes globally in the last year of his presidency. He did more drone strikes in 2008 than in all his other 7 years combined.
90% of the drone strikes in Pakistan under Obama are in north or south Waziristan

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Waziristan Accords and Why we Drone Waziristan
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