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 North Carolina solves Climate Change

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North Carolina solves Climate Change Empty
PostSubject: North Carolina solves Climate Change   North Carolina solves Climate Change EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 12:54 pm

By making it illegal.

NC Ignores Science, Tries To Make Sea Level Rise Illegal

It’s the legislative equivalent of plugging your ears, closing your eyes, and screaming “I can’t hear you!”

North Carolina’s General Assembly has proposed a bill that would
prevent scientists from using modern, scientific models to accurately
predict what might happen to sea levels if climate change continues unabated.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Rather than use science to accurately predict what might happen to
its valuable coast areas, and thereby educate its citizens about what
can be done to prepare for this change, North Carolina’s political
leaders would rather just make the truth illegal.

Typically, scientists use an exponential model to predict how much
sea levels will rise if global temperatures continue to do the same.
They have to use a non-linear model because each time the climate warms
even a fraction of a degree, it has a major impact on the ocean’s
current volume as well as ice cap melt rates.

Taking these variables into account, most climate experts say that sea levels will rise at least three feet
by the end of the century. But this doesn’t sit well with a group of
legislators from 20 coastal NC counties whose economies will be most
impacted by the swelling seas. So, they’ve introduced Replacement House Bill 819, which makes it illegal for state scientists to use exponential models to predict changes in sea level.

The key language is in section 2,
paragraph e, talking about rates of sea level rise: “These rates shall
only be determined using historical data, and these data shall be
limited to the time period following the year 1900. Rates of seas-level
rise may be extrapolated linearly. …”

“It goes on,” writes
Scott Huler for Scientific American, “but there’s the core: North
Carolina legislators have decided that the way to make exponential
increases in sea level rise – caused by those inconvenient feedback
loops we keep hearing about from scientists – go away is to make it
against the law to extrapolate exponential; we can only extrapolate
along a line predicted by previous sea level rises.”

Under the new, linear-only rule, the state-appointed board of scientists of the NC Coastal Resources Commission
would only be able to predict an 8-inch sea level rise by the end of
the century. And that leaves the legislators from those 20 coastal
counties feeling just tickled pink.

Now this level of denial
might seem shocking, but it’s par for the course in North Carolina.
Throughout it’s history, the state has attempted to legislate away lots
of pesky things that it just didn’t like, including abortion, gay marriage
and racial integration. Unfortunately, this war on reality does nothing
more than jeopardize the physical and economic safety of North
Carolina’s citizens, who would probably like to know the truth about
what’s in store for their state.

Personally, I’m almost looking forward to the day when, knee deep in
water on the front porches of their Outer Banks mansions, these
legislators will be forced to inform the ocean that it’s breaking the

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Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/nc-ignores-science-tries-to-make-sea-level-rise-illegal.html#ixzz1wwGKAEr4

captain organic wrote:
tolivendiewithLA wrote:
Are u fucking serious with this post bro? ur a newbie to MMA compared to me, I watch all fights, but don't get a hard on unless guys are in the top 30.

Uh, Are u fucking serious with this post bro?

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North Carolina solves Climate Change Empty
PostSubject: Re: North Carolina solves Climate Change   North Carolina solves Climate Change EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 2:32 pm

damn North Carolina, this sounds like something South Carolina would do but damn

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North Carolina solves Climate Change
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