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 Al Shabab kills Al Amriki then Carries out kenyan Mall Attacks.

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Al Shabab kills Al Amriki then Carries out kenyan Mall Attacks. Empty
PostSubject: Al Shabab kills Al Amriki then Carries out kenyan Mall Attacks.   Al Shabab kills Al Amriki then Carries out kenyan Mall Attacks. EmptyFri Sep 27, 2013 1:21 am

We now know that Al Shabab was the last alqaeda affiliate to be personally franchisd by Bin Laden.
though his emails show that he was now very worried about the negative effect a franchised al Qaeda affiliate could  
bring to al Qaeda central. Al Qaeda in Iraq was a huge failure as the Iraqi civilian population rejected al Qaeda with the Sunni awakening
(250,000 Sunnis joined the Suns of Iraq in 2007). This largely turned the tide in the Iraq war, not the highly publicized 35,00 surge troops.
The truth is by the time we started implementing the surge , the Sunni awakening was already beginning, our change in tactics (counterinsurgency) brought us closer to the civilian population and we started working with Sunnis  who had been shooting at us the year before.
Bin Laden knew another al Qaeda affiliate with a leader like Zarqawi (AQIs leader) would be a catastrophe. It is clear in his emails that Ayman al Zawahiri wanted to franchise multiple al Qaeda affiliates while bin laden was against this policy .
Still in 2010 bin laden brought al Shabab into the fold.

Who was al Shabab?
In 2006 al Shabab was one of several hundred terrorist groups in somalia, they were not on any major terrorist watch list. Not until a 24 year old american who had left his wife in alabama, arrived in Somalia and joined al Shabab, he quickly appeared on YouTube videos rapping about jihad. His jihadi name was Abu al Mansoor but he became widely known a simply al-Amriki , the American. Shabab was strictly fighting in Somalia against UN baked African forces.

Amriki was a huge propaganda victory for al Shabab and they quickly used propaanda to gather other foreign jihadist. Al Amriki quickly rose up the ranks and by the time al Shabab was franchised by al Qaeda, he was an operational commander. We know from 2010 to 2012 Amriki carried out at least 2 suicide attacks.
In 2012 Obama designated Amriki as an American that could be killed by a drone strike.
A 5 million dollar reward was also placed on amrikis head.
During this time however in fighting began taking place amongst al shababs leadership. It is clear that the hard line Islamist won out as multiple al Shabab leaders were killed by other al Shabab leaders throughout the last year. Al Amriki left the groupjune of 2012.
This past September 11, 2013 al  Shabab terrorist  found and Killed al Amriki in a Somalian village.
Just this past week al Shabab carried out the Kenyan west gate mall attacks. This is the first time they have carried out an attack outside of Somalia and it shows that they are committed to attacking westerners when they had previously largely be attacking other Africans.
Also, the other thing that is becoming clear  is that al Qaeda is franchising more affiliates know that bin laden is dead.
When we recently closed our embassies world wide it was because of a phone call we intercepted with  zawahiri talking to al Qaeda affiliates in Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, the Egyptian Sinai and Afghanistan.

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Al Shabab kills Al Amriki then Carries out kenyan Mall Attacks.
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