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 The 3 Highest Paid Afghan Mujahideen

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The 3 Highest Paid Afghan Mujahideen Empty
PostSubject: The 3 Highest Paid Afghan Mujahideen   The 3 Highest Paid Afghan Mujahideen EmptyTue Jul 09, 2013 4:50 pm

I honestly do not want to send any arms to the Syrian Rebels because I do not believe that the good elements within the Syrian Rebels (Free Syrian Army mainly) can keep the Al Qaeda linked Al Nusrah Front and other Islamic terrorists organizations operating in the country, from getting ahold of these weapons and money.

The only reason we are considering doing this is because the policy of the United States at this time is to deal Russia a crippling blow in the middle east. Syria is Russia's last connection to the middle east and if the Assad regime falls, well Russia (and Iran) are in a shitty situation.

The last time we considered doing something like this was in the Afghan-Soviet War when the United States CIA, Pakistani ISI and Saudi Arabian intelligence agency funneled large amounts of cash and weapons to the Afghan Mujahideen (totalling over 400,000 people). CIA personnel and american personnel were forbidden from actually entering Afghanistan (thats how world war 3 would have happened) so we used Pakistan as a sort of jump off base. CIA and mujahideen contacts were extremely limited, with Pakistani ISI getting to determine how to distribute the arms and money. THe money was given based on the commanders deemed friendliness towards Pakistani policy and their battle field abilities.

I think it is important to look at the highest funded Afghanistan Mujahideen leaders during this war (1979-1989) and their later actions towards the United States, when determining whether or not it is the right policy to arms the current Syrian Rebel opposition fighters.

1. Gulbuddin Hekmatyer - Received over 400 Million - Pakistan ISI's man in Afghanistan, effective fighter in Eastern Afghanistan. Had american support due to his fighting effectiveness. Later praised by Ronald Reaghan and had a NASA Space Shuttle launch dedicated in his honor. Invited to the White House, refused invitation. Showed early signs of islamic extremism, but was very good at killing "godless soviet's". Pakistan hoped that he would take over after the Soviet War ended, instead proved ineffective and later replaced by the Taliban as Pakistan ISI's links in Afghanistan. Later formed Hizb-e-Islami, aligned with the Taliban after September 11, 2001. Considered the leader of one of the 3 main forces fighting the united states in Afghanistan (Haqqani network and Taliban being the other 2).

2. Jalaladdin Haqqani - Received over 300 Million - Considered the CIA's favorite muj leader during the Afghan-Soviet War. Was very effective at killing soviets. Also showed signs of islamic extremism. Abdullah Azzam and his pupil Bin Laden were early volunteers of Haqqanis brigade. Thus linking Al Qaeda (created in 1988) and the Haqqani Network for nearly 30 years. Also invited to the white House and honored by Reagan. Haqqani Remained friendly with the west until 1998 when Bill Clinton launched Cruise missiles against one of Haqqanis terrorist camps in Khost, Afghanistan. After 9-11 and the subsequent War in Afghanistan, the Haqqani Network became perhaps the most effective fighting force in Afghanistan. Launching attacks throughout the nation and using the Pakistani border as a safe haven, Haqqani has proven to be the greatest threat to american troops with the current belief being that the American military must destroy the Haqqani network, negotiate with the Taliban and ignor Hizb-e-Islami.

3. Ahmad Shah Massoud - Received over 150 Million - Tactically the best Afghan Mujahideen commander and one of the best guerrilla fighters of the last century. However was not considered fully trustworthy as on one occasion he accepted a cease fire with the Soviet troops in Northern Afghanistan. That being said, Massoud defeated 9 Soviet Offensives in the Panjshir Valler over the course of the war. After the war fought Gulbuddin Hekmatyer in a civil War, then battled the Taliban when they rose from the South of Afghanistan. Funded by Clinton at a low level, ignored by Bush for 9 months including attempted warnings of a coming attack. September 4, 2001 Condi Rice finally held a meeting on Massouds Northern Alliance Army, determining they would be the United States partner in Afghanistan in battling Al Qaeda. September 9, 2001 Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by two algeerian Al Qaeda members posing as journalist, they had a bomb in their video camera. His Northern Alliance Army remained intact and has served as the lynchpin for the Afghanistan National Army.

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The 3 Highest Paid Afghan Mujahideen
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