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 Egyptian Islamist Attack On the Sinai

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Egyptian Islamist Attack On the Sinai Empty
PostSubject: Egyptian Islamist Attack On the Sinai   Egyptian Islamist Attack On the Sinai EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 2:48 pm

several days ago islamists terrorists attacked an Egyptian military post on the Sinai and attempted to cross into Israel and attack. They were promptly blown up by Israeli forces.

Egyptian Military and Israel claimed the attack was carried out by islamists terrorists. Muslim Brotherhood has claimed, get this, the Israeli Mossad did it. lol.

TOday the Egyptian military launched attacks in the Sinai on other terrorist groups.

The country is still gripped by the power struggle between Morsi (president) and the Egyptian Military.
One thing is for sure, the Sinai has become a staging ground for terrorists since Mubaraks ouster and that isn't really surprising when you consider how many prisons were emptied out during the Revolution (Morsi was one of them). The Egyptian Military is attempting to show Israel that they can still protect and control the Sinai while the MB is blaming the Mossad.

Stay tuned folks, things may get interesting.

Below is the video of the Israeli Air Force destroying one of the stolen APCs

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Egyptian Islamist Attack On the Sinai
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