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 The Airlift of Evil and Pakistan Post 9-11

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The Airlift of Evil and Pakistan Post 9-11 Empty
PostSubject: The Airlift of Evil and Pakistan Post 9-11   The Airlift of Evil and Pakistan Post 9-11 EmptyWed Apr 11, 2012 12:35 am

Ok , so you are all probably aware that I am ver interested in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and I just figured I would bring up a very touchy topic and see if anyone had heard of it before.

After 9-11 Bush and the US government told Pakistan President Musharaff he had a choice, he could help the USA or continue supporting the Taliban (Pakistan ISI played huge role in their rise to control in Afghanistan).
Musharraf decided to assist the united states and denounce ties to the Taliban, this however, created a big rift in the military (which supported Musharrafs rule after his coup).
THis is a HUGE DEAL,, by siding with us Pakistan and Musharraf was guaranteed american dollars.

In November of 2001, President Musharraf directly contacted and made a deal with Bush allowing Pakistan forces to fly into Pakistan and get several Pakistan ISI agents out of the Province of Kunduz, the reasoning was that it would be embarrassing for Paistan to have these men on the ground when Kunduz fell and possibly fall into the hands of Northern Alliance. Musharraf claimed this would help save him with the military (he would be removed via military coup later down the line).

However, what took place was several thousand top ranking Taliban, Al Qaeda and Pakistan ISI fighters were air lifted out of Afghanistan over several days. The air breach became known as the air lift of evil, was widely reported, and widely dried by Rumsfeld.

I am telling you about this because I hope that you will check it out and see what actually took place. It is no surprise that Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, and that Zawahiri and Mullah Omar are more than likely there.

Here is the point I am trying to raise.

If you were Pakistan and you knew that you were receiving aid from the USA as long as you supported them in Bush's the "War on Terror", wouldn't you want that war and search to go on for as long as possible?

Pakistan has received over 20 Billion dollars from the USA since 9-11. The sanctions on Pakistan were also lifted after 9-11. Anyone else think that it is no surprise that elements of the Pakistan government don't want these certain men caught?

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The Airlift of Evil and Pakistan Post 9-11
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