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 New York, Golden Boy ignore California suspension of boxing manager/second Rodrigo Mosquera

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PostSubject: New York, Golden Boy ignore California suspension of boxing manager/second Rodrigo Mosquera   Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:27 pm

Last November, California-based boxing manager/trainer/second Rodrigo Mosquera was suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after a two-month investigation (spear-headed by Mark Relyea). The investigation centered around a boxer named Ricardo Rodriguez allegedly using altered Cleto Reyes gloves. Mosquera worked as a manager/second the night Rodriguez fought on an All-Star Boxing show in Quiet Cannon last September.

As a result of the investigation, both Mosquera and Rodriguez received indefinite suspension letters from Andy Foster of CSAC. Mosquera’s manager’s license was suspended. Rodriguez’s fighter license was suspended.

The news of these suspensions was revealed publicly in a December 13th Friday afternoon document dump. That same night, Golden Boy promoted a show at Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino in Indio, California. Rodrigo Mosquera appeared at the show and was issued a new seconds license by CSAC athletic inspectors. What this would indicate is that, at the time of Mosquera’s suspension for the supposedly altered gloves last September, he only had a manager’s license that was active and not a second’s license. So, he paid for a new second’s license at the Golden Boy show after knowing he was indefinitely suspended by the Athletic Commission… and got the license.

Mosquera was given a second’s license at the December Golden Boy show and worked a Fox Sports 1 television fight as the lead corner man for fighter Francisco Vargas.

Both Rodrigo Mosquera & Ricardo Rodriguez were scheduled to appear in front of the Athletic Commission at their December 16th, 2013 meeting in Sacramento. Instead, their appearances were pushed back for CSAC’s February meeting. The indefinite suspension was still in place.

Which brings us to Golden Boy’s Barclays Center event on Thursday, January 30th, in Brooklyn. Mosquera’s top fighter, Gary Russell Jr., fought fighter Miguel Tamayo. Yet another television appearance for Rodrigo Mosquera. Mosquera was front-and-center on television in the corner of Russell as a second & working as the lead corner man during rounds.

When Fox Sports 1 listed Mosquera’s name, they used the tagline “RODRIGO MASCERA.”

Mosquera, who was indefinitely suspended by the California State Athletic Commission, has worked two television fights for Golden Boy since the suspension last November. This means Mosquera himself, Golden Boy as a promoter, New York state as an athletic commission, and Fox Sports 1 all are ignoring Andy Foster’s suspension of Mosquera for allegedly altering a fighter’s gloves for a show last September in the state of California.

The next California State Athletic Commission meeting is on Monday, February 10th in Los Angeles. If CSAC doesn’t strip Mosquera of his manager & seconds licenses and ban him from ever doing business in the state again, then whatever willful ignorance there is to enforce California’s suspension of Mosquera in other states will fall right on Sacramento’s lap.


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New York, Golden Boy ignore California suspension of boxing manager/second Rodrigo Mosquera
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