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 A major film to mix zombies and vampires?

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PostSubject: A major film to mix zombies and vampires?   Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:43 am

Undead everywhere. No, there isn't one coming yet that I know of, but they could in theory make a cool movie. Or a really shitty one. Maybe where the vamps are underground like in Underworld, Blade and some of these movies, and the zombie apocalypse happens, and the vamps have to try and keep humans alive for their own needs. Humans, thinking they're being rescued by vampires then have to fight them off too. Maybe they have to collaborate with vamps to survive, and so some willingly get bitten to become vampires, or some willingly donate blood. You could do tons with that sort of premise.

Maybe the zombies aren't interested in biting vampires, so that could be a way the humans tell them apart. Maybe you'd have to kill a vampire twice, once with a heart shot, then after it wakes back up now a zombie, a head shot. Maybe once bitten by a zombie, the only way to not turn into one and die from infection is to be turned by a vampire. Maybe that creates some strange hybrid undead.

No matter what, I give it less than five years before a semi major or big budget attempt at this happens.
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A major film to mix zombies and vampires?
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